I created a new board just for this pin! I have died and gone to heaven! An entire year's day-by-day cultural curriculum for the Montessori classroom. Includes songs, pictures, practical life, sources of materials... aaaaaa!

A Toddler Montessori Classroom might include....

Duplo Montessori Rods

How to slice a banana - a Montessori inspired practical life exercise for my 2 year old :: from forthisseason.com

Create a Fall nature tray and explore some hands-on science outside! #autumn #stem

Free Montessori Math Videos @Karissa Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Barber @leeann b b b b b Allen Scott

Circle-time name activities for getting acquainted and lots of Montessori-inspired name recognition activities

Practice Reading with our Matching Sentences with Photographs Game. These easy to read sentences make early reading experiences fun. Perfect...

HUGE collection of free Montessori materials from the pioneers of free Montessori printables and from around the blogosphere. Includes free Montessori albums and lesson plans and free Montessori printables in more than one language.


Just Montessori practical life for each month!

Lots of Montessori Practical Life activities that would be great for fine motor

Montessori Curriculum for Toddlers

Class picture

practical life trays: in order of difficulty

Interesting--3000 songs to use in lesson plans!

Sifting salt and rice (Montessori practical life)

practical life

Montessori: Practical life work with egg shells and a mortar and pestle!

Montessori Nature: Our Practical Life Montessori Trays