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  • Emily Segal

    "Gratitude Pit Bull" #pitbull #dogart

  • Erica Nelson

    Gratitude Pitbull A dog wags its tail with its heart Framed Art Print by Dean Russo at

  • Marieke Danjaezun

    Pet Art: ears back A Dog Wags Its Tail With Its Heart

  • Stacy diLorenzo

    pitbull breed, best dog quotes, pitbull art, what my dog thinks

  • Leigh Harless

    Dean Russo Art Pop Animal Prints A dog wags its tail with its heart! I want this print for my kitchen!

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So true! My fav breed ever! Why else would they be called "the nanny dog?". They just luv nurturing young kids! :)

Hi so many people think that pit bulls will attack you if u get to close but the truth is that any dog can be taught to be mean. pit bulls are really sweet dogs

♥ U Pit Bull Print, Dog Park Publishing

This is too cute. I know a few people that would like this. I know a super cute pit bull too.

BEWARE :: Aggressive Snuggler & Attention Addict... Perfect description for Zorah. Lab and Bulmastif mix makes the best dogs by far. Gentle yet big enough to scare others! You get to know her, you will quickly realize she thinks she is human, little to size, and a totally a lap dog if given too much attention. lol

Beware of Pit Bulls; They will Steal Your Heart Print, Dog Park Publishing

Print of FIRU - a pit bull that was abused by his owner - is the model for this print

He's so phenomenal. Brooklyn artist. I have one of his prints. >> "Thoughtful Pit Bull Thinks Love" T-Shirt by Dean Russo

The Portrait work of Dean Russo is magical. Take the time to see his work!