Awesome rain gutter garden

DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden DIY Hanging Gutter Garden; i ACTUALLY LIKE THE PATIO COVER ON THIS PROJECT.

DIY Strawberry Gutter Garden. So cool! Might dry out easily though. Maybe good for a greenhouse.

Polanter Vertical Gardening System [video]

How to make a hanging gutter garden!

Submerge pots to control growth of spreading plants/herbs.

Vertical Garden | How to build, what to plant and how to care?

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Pallet Vertical Planter, Pallet Garden - Pallet Furniture DIY

Downspout diverter to fill your rain barrel. $29.95

Pallet gardening.

DIY Herb Garden & Plant Markers #MichaelsMakers

Great set up for a veggie garden, blocked from the dog or other animals.

Making a gutter garden

Vertical gutter gardening

Hanging Gutter Garden - 40 Genius Space-Savvy Small Garden Ideas and Solutions

How to make hanging garden