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I love lucy

Bob Hope and Lucille Ball.

Lucile Ball

Lucille Ball

i LOVE lucy!!! funny, beautiful, always feminine.

Lucielle Ball

Stunning. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I just love Lucy! She was such an amazing person and actress. In every episode of I Love Lucy, I have have laughed more than 15 times. She is my inspiration. ♡

Lucille Ball~pretty in pink....

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Lucille Ball c. 1943

Lucille Ball. wow

Lucille Ball - The Most Fashionable TV Housewives - I Love Lucy I've been channeling Loooooocy lately.

Carol and Lucy <3 Oh if only I could be in between! My two favorite ladies. I agree, these gals are truly fantastic!

Lucille Ball - One of the most famous redheads of all-time, I Love Lucys star is actually a natural brunette. According to, She once joked that she was keeping the economy of Egypt afloat with her annual orders of henna.

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

I love Lucy.

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