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A doll head chandelier spotted in a bar in West End, Brisbane.

For some reason this antique doll head just CREEPS ME OUT to look at it.......*shudder*....

doll head necklace

A doll head hat! What a great idea!

Doll head night light

what's that in your whiskey? a doll head? oh, now i see.

candy from the porcelain baby doll head candy dish just tastes better

shoot i left my lipgloss in my other doll head. (Doll Head Easter Basket Purse by AtomicStitches on Etsy)

oh that's where i left the rolling pin. under the doll head. doy.

Doll Head Cuff by MarthaRotten on Etsy

Trumpet like chandelier

A chandelier who's light and shadows form tree branches on surrounding surfaces. Yes please. #Interior #Design

White chandelier.

Ribbon and Bird Chandelier

Sequined Chairbacks

Stone placemats

Mermaid tiles

I love all white.

Cube Tube: Ice cube tray

Swing-down cookbook rack