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{Screen Free Week 2012} Do you want to participate? Here are the official rules: Make it work for you. Participate for a week or participate for a day. Participate with just your TV or include all screens. Shut down all your social networks, or just vow to call friends instead of seeing what they are up to on Facebook. Check out our check list of 75 fun things to do: http://letslassothemoon.com/2012/04/29/75-activities-for-screen-free-week/ *Will you join us for the day or maybe the week?

Screen Free Week

No TV entire day (for the kids or me and Brad). I think we will start having completely screen free Sundays.



Liebster Awards

Liebster Awards

the mental parentals: we've been nominated for a Leibster award!

Grease stains on your clothes -  Put a little Dawn dish soap on the spots and wash as usual. Even works on stains that have already gone undetected through the dryer.

Did You Know - Round 2 . Amazing random home tips and tricks. It is a multitude of great ideas!

Love it box cover your cable box

Conceal your router in fancy storage boxes - 42 Ingeniously Easy Ways To Hide The Ugly Stuff In Your Home

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According to mormon beliefs, the male sexual organs are likened unto a little factory with limitless inputs and zero output allowed. Then again, The Lord prizes obedience over productivity and purpose.