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When I'm drunk with my cell phone. You Get A Text! You Get A Text! You Get A Text! Everyone Gets A Text!

Pi day 2015  March 14, 2015 @9:26:52 3.14159253

So, March every year is Pi day. As in π not pie the delicious yummy treat. So, all the math geeks get their own day! But, March in the year 2015 will be super uber cool.


Love me some Gordon Ramsay! Best Of Chef Ramsay Memes - Eat the Cat

"a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts." truth.

Drunk words are sober thoughts. What somebody says to you drunk says a lot more than what they don't say sober.

I'm not fucking stupid, I mean I used to but we broke up

Took me a minute to get it, but it made me smile when I finally did.


haha coolest mom ever! wish my mom would reply with something like that.

This is pretty much how it is! If youve got curly hair you know once your hair goes up, its up for good. Unless you like the dented afro look... rubyredrach

Not just a curly hair problem. Straight hair problem too. I know that if I put my hair in a ponytail, it is not coming out until right before I turn off the lights at night.