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  • Chung Rosan site has recipes, health tips and more. this is a picture of the 18 points used to determine if you have Fibromyalgia - you must have at least one point hurting in all four quandrants of your body.

  • Olivia Kakande-Chase

    Where does it hurt? Pain is highly personal, so one person's "I hurt all over" isn't the same as anothers. That's why Dr.'s often check for certian tender points on the body when it comes to FM. These 18 points tend to be painful when pressed, & may spread pain to other parts of the body. People w/ FM have @least 11 of these points when a Dr. applies pressure.

  • Linda Fraser

    18 Tender Points of Fibromyalgia I have had this for years. It's right on with the 18 trigger points but you can get more in different places also. It also slows down healing because a person with Fibromyalgia can't reach the 4th level of sleep. Which is called the healing stage.Thats why doctors treat the sleep of a person which helps us to get to the 4th stage which helps us.

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