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Lol !!!! You go toddler! Stick it out there! I can bet this is one of moms favorite maternity pictures from the session.

Sweet family photo. Would love one like this with my bump and the bean. And John of course!

Obsessed with these family photos Erin May Shedarowich >><< #adorable

OMG I love this! I want a picture where he carries me off over his shoulder with his hand in the air!

I love this picture... and I want him to hold a sign saying "I got her!" or "she's mine, back off!" (;

Pictures everyone should take while at the hospital..... I cried going through these! Very beautifully done

birth photography - love this picture :) Kelsey Myers Myers Cody Get ready... you're going to do this the next time I give birth!!!!!

Pregnancy ... I want to take pretty pictures like this when that day comes!

kisses, love it! I love everything about this picture. I WANT a shot like this with my babies