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  • Camilla Shireman Peper

    A car and three bears

  • Melissa O'Brien

    Bear 1: STOP this is a roadblock! Bear 2: We're looking for Goldilocks. She stole some stuff. We want it back. Bear 3: It's only a matter of time till we find her. It's only a matter of time. Boy: I have no Goldilocks here. Girl: Thank god I'm a brunette...

  • annie roca

    #Feelings #moments #tout #everything #nothing #inspiration #rien #photographie #photo #photography #bears #ours

  • Michelle Mcfarland-Mitchell

    This is why people shouldn't feed wild animals!!!

  • Jessie Neitzel

    Begging for treats in Yellowstone... Best part is the car!!!

  • Madinah Auto Sales

    funny car incidents

  • LeEster Burch

    Yellowstone bears, 1960s...I remember seeing this sort of thing when we took trips while growing up. Five or six kids in the back of a pickup, covered by a camper shell. "Roll up the windows!" my mom would yell.

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