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Pisanki - intricately decorated Easter eggs using wax, dye and incredible amounts of patience!

Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) - its about time to get started if we're going to have them ready for Easter!

The central design on this pysanka are five flowers that stand alone (are not connected to each other). This is a representation of the Tree of Life. A plant in a vase standing on its own was also a highly abstracted version of the berehynia (great goddess).

31.03. w Pasażu Grunwaldzkim Panie z KGW Konradówka-Piotrowice będą reprezentować Gminę Chojnów i Powiat Legnicki na Dolnośląskich Prezentacjach Stołów Wielkanocnych. Pisanki będzie można kupić, a stroiki Mama Jańcia będzie rozdawać.

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Pisanki: Polish decorated Easter eggs

Beautiful Pisanki, Pysanka, Pyanky (Polish Easter Eggs) (this is nonsense because my chances of ever acquiring one is zero)

Pisanki wielkanocne. Easter eggs, Poland.

Pysanky EggsPysanky Eggs The inspiration for this Easter egg dying technique comes from Pysanky, the ancient Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye egg decorating. To create these designs, stick metal pins in pencil erasers, dip the pinheads in melted wax, and draw wax patterns on hard-boiled eggs before dyeing them.