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Push-Ups with an exercise ball! Another way to step up a normal exercise.

Exercise Ball workouts: Ball Lift Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a stability ball behind you an inch from butt. Keeping chest up, draw abs in tight, squeeze shoulder blades together and raise ball behind you (as shown); lower to start. Do 20 lifts. WORKS ABS, BACK, TRICEPS -Jorg Badura

6 Must-Do Moves With a Stability Ball Keep click site for more details and For a printable PDF of this workout. After warming up with light cardio for five minutes, work your way through this series of six exercises. Repeat entire workout two to three times.

Ball Workout Chart with Different Exercise Options - Specific for Shoulders - Legs - Ab - Lower Back

A Killer Exercise Ball Workout All you need to get in shape is an exercise ball...this is something i can do in my room

Stability ball workout...........great for everyday anytime...sit on it while you're on the computer..the balance is like planking