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Sick of seeing the junky foods sold to kids in school? We have a chance to speak up as parents: Join us to say No More Junk in Schools! action.momsrising...

Marijuana Decriminalization: Efforts To Relax Pot Rules Gaining Momentum In U.S.

There are many reports on blogs and anecdotes from news stories nationwide that used of K2 or Spice has led young people to become mentally ill, become hospitalized, or commit suicide. Several deaths have been linked to synthetic cannabinoids use.

Amphetamines are not bad. Very few drugs are. Its the people who abuse them that make them bad. Both pharmaseutical amphetamines and their more potent, illegal meth hybrids are great if used correctly. With that I mean carefully and occasionally. If you've read this far down the article, you'll already know the many uses and benefits of chrystal meth.

The face of a meth user after 10 years of using and died at age 38

effects of krokodil pictures | While many of us know the potential harmful effects of illegal drugs ...