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Bishop'S Blackboard


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Days of school in ten frames


Math Ten

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Penguin Counting

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Q-tip Painting to Show 10s and 1s on a ten frame...


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Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc

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Homework folder cover page. FREE

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Addition/Subtraction game. Students roll a dice, move that many spaces, add the number on the dice to the number card they landed on. Variations: +1/+2 dice. +10/+5 dice. How many more to make ten?

Smart Board Activity For Kindergarten

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10 Frame Activities For Kindergarten

Teaching Ten Frames

Free Smart Board Activities

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Addition And Subtraction For Kindergarten

Smartboard Activities For Kindergarten

Teaching Tens And Ones

Two Interactive Ten Frames for the SMART Board (FREE from One frame uses two color counters. Either red or yellow is visible. and the other has one color counter which is on or off.

Edwarehousefrom Edwarehouse

Ten frames foam set of 4

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Using ten frames can encourage subitizing, help develop a sense of magnitude, show one-to-one correspondence, build number sense, improve understanding of base


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ten frame toss


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5 Dice

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Roll Dice


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Roll 2 dice to make a number, draw it, and write how many tens and how many ones

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Flip Charts

Here's a flipchart file designed to focus on the numbers 0-10. These fill-in-the-blank slides include spaces to record the number, number word, tally marks, dice dot patterns, ten frame, ordinal numbers, finger counting, and an addition problem.

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Tens frame practice at calendar time using Velcro and counters.

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tens and ones math center.

Math Activity

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Through Math

Schoul Maths

Preschool Writing Table

Number Patterns Activities


Mathematical Thinkingfrom Mathematical Thinking

Kindergarten & Grade 1 math games – mastering fives & tens

Tens Mathematical

Mathematical Thinking

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1St Grade

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Adding To 5 Kindergarten

ten frame snake game/center

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First Grade Base Ten

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tens and ones concept. Count the days of school this way.

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AMSTI Kindergarten Style: Ten frames Great idea for reinforcing shape recognition. Might add a piece of yarn or chenille sticks to make a circle.

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Place Value Initials


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Kelly S Kindergarten

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Number recognition fine motor one to one

Addition Rainbow

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Addition Anchor Chart First Grade

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10 Rainbow

Rainbow Anchor

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Ways to Make Ten