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Great Back-to-School Books for Preschool thru Middle School

{Back to School Books for 1st - 6th Grades} - great reads for kids as they enter a new grade!

They picked their favorite book used a piece of cardstock folded to look like a book with a binding. They illustrated the cover, and wrote a brief summary on the back. We read some summaries on the back of some of the books in our class library and the students noticed that many of them ended in questions. We discussed how the questions left you wanting to read more to find out what happens in the book. add their photo & DONE!

There are kids in every class who no one wants as a partner during work time or is socially isolated. Sometimes the reason behind the exclusion often has to do with the child's negative behavior towards others. When I finished reading Sneaky Weasel, I immediately thought of those students. I work with these kiddos very closely trying to help them become self-aware of their actions. This story is perfect to address this problem.

i can summarize chart helps students learn how to summarize. I am a tutor for college students and many of them have trouble summarizing so I think it would be important to teach this skill early on. This is a good chart to have on the wall for students to reference when they are summarizing.

The Pick Me! app is the perfect tool for teachers searching for a way to track formative assessment. Pick Me! will randomly pull a students name for you to call on and after they answer the question .you record whether or not it was correct using the thumbs up or incorrect using thumbs down. The data is saved and ready to export to your email account at the end of class. $1.99

Great activity for adjectives: I AM! Practice using them in sentences with one of my parts of speech games. Pictures support learning at Looks-Like-Language!

Books for Kids Who Don't Like to Read! A great list that is tried, tested, and kid approved!! These books changed the way my son thinks about reading.