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    • Sherrill French

      Magnetic ironing board on dryer. We've had it for years and it's every bit as awesome as it sounds.

    • Penny Nagel

      Ok, this is a good idea~ quilted ironing mat (instead of board)

    • Michelle Cristin

      Great idea and space saver: Quilted ironing board with magnets for the top of the dryer.

    • Juls Cook

      Great idea! Quilted Ironing Mat This “ironing board” won’t clutter your laundry room!

    • Cath Holden

      Magnetic ironing mat for top of washing machine. Great idea.

    • Rebecca Horn

      Quilted Ironing Mat. This “ironing board” won’t clutter your laundry room. My mom got this for me when I moved into my first apartment by myself. It was a small one bedroom and finding somewhere to store a full sized ironing board just wasn't going to happen. This is definitely practical if you live alone or in a small space. It has magnets on each side to clamp to the metal of the washer/dryer and wont budge while you use it. -RKH

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