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Stupid is as stupid does

More stupid stuff!

You spend money you don't have on stupid shit, then complain that you have no money. Sounds like a stupid Problem, for stupid people.

I understand that you're stupid, but can you please be stupid a little faster? I have shit to do today.

Mommy, why are there so many stupid people?

Stupidity... seriously! I can't handle it! Why is everyone's acceptance level of stupidity going up?

Haha - could so use this for some people in my life! Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?

quotes about stupid people and life

no hablo stupid!

Did you eat an extra bowl of stupid this morning? Maxine Lol, I know someone who did. Lol

it's okay, everyone has these thoughts!

Skeptical Baby Meme (20 Pics)

give life back it's lemons

How to scare your neighbors...hahaha

They call it a phone

Hilarious! Even funnier are the people who have no sense of humor and think he actually put his child in danger. Like he really had hot oil in the turkey fryer..come on!! People are so ridiculooooous sometimes!