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Damian McGinty. My boy. You might know him from Glee or The Glee Project, but he will always be the boy that I found 5 years ago in a group called Celtic Thunder. I knew him when he was 14 and had braces before puberty, and I watched him grow up. Now, he's on one of the biggest TV shows. Congratulations Damian. ♥

Damien McGinty of Celtic Thunder Because this actually came up amidst the many pins of Pinterest ♥

Damian McGinty - interview archives: Sunday World, Irish Actor's a Glee Whiz, May 2011

Damian McGinty from Glee! That's what they said. FROM GLEE! WHAT!!!?? WE KNEW HIM BEFORE THEN

Damian McGinty - interview archives: Entertainment Weekly / 'Glee Project' winner Damian McGinty dishes on tonight's 'Mash Off'. November 15, 2011

Damian McGinty - Celtic Thunder Isn't he gorgeous

YAY! Damian McGinty will be back for season 4 of Glee!

Damian McGinty ~ Thank goodness Celtic Thunder picked him, then he moved on to Glee, now on his own. So young; such talent!

Blue Christmas by Damian McGinty (from Glee) - Lyrics on description + D...

Damian McGinty you're missed. Great baritone voice. Left Celtic Thunder to be on Glee. Best wishes.