Crowd-Pleasing Taco Salad Recipe ♥ #Salad// I love this salad, great large salad to take and share. SB

Taco Salad with Catalina Dressing: Hamburger, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, tortilla chips or doritoes and catalina dressing. This is the best tasting and best use for Catalina dressing on the planet. I would of never thought it was the "secret" ingredient

**DOING THIS: Rachel Ray talked about how you should make your own taco seasoning because the stuff you buy in stores is full of sodium(and it has silica in it, which is like the little packet found in new shoes that says DO NOT EAT!). This is just full of flavor. Simply spices! 1 T chili powder, 1 T ground cumin, 1 T garlic powder, 1 T onion powder, 1/4 T crushed red pepper

Creamy Summer Pasta Salad Recipe ~ Light and slightly tangy pasta salad, with just enough creamy dressing to coat the noodles and vegetables, this is one heck of an awesome pasta salad

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Southern Style Chicken Salad

Made this Pizza Casserole for dinner last night and it was such a hit with the kids. My finicky son even asked for seconds (amazing). This recipe is a must have on hand!

Snicker Caramel Apple Salad Recipe. This is probably the best stuff EVER<3

Low Carb Taco Soup

5-Star Taco Salad

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Quick and Easy Broccoli Salad Recipe. So good that even the teenagers ate this broccoli salad. Great for potlucks. YUM!

Show-Off Salad ...

Recipe for Awesome Pasta Salad - This is the best pasta salad I've ever eaten, and people request it frequently. It's a very easy, light side dish for a picnic or dinner.

Deluxe German Potato Salad Recipe Salads with bacon, celery, chopped onion, sugar, all-purpose flour, salt, ground mustard, cider vinegar, water, small red potato, carrots, fresh parsley, salt

chicken taco casserole - YUM!!!!

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Cilantro Lime Dressing <3 #Salad