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What an idea for a photo! Capturing a moment of tranquility in the otherwise a chaotic life of rearing children. I like it!

Cute Family 2012. Photo Session Ideas | Props | Prop | Child Photography | Pose Idea | Poses

Family Portrait Ideas, i am not the biggest fan of kissing pictures (they're alright ;), but this one is just SO CUTE

I love how the kid is in front, so he feels like more of the focus is on him, while the parents get to be all cuddly in the background :)

LOVE!! This is so cute! Would be cute with bare feets at the beach too!

This would be a really cute pic if it was taken in the nursery with the mom faded out some holding her belly in the background and daddy holding the new baby!!!

A great family photo shot. I am so going to do this.

I like that it is colored inside the frame and black and white everywhere else. very cute touch

Subject: hands Hey guys, I want to take a picture of us touching our hands to ourselves, while slightly grazing each other's wrists. Does Saturday @ noon work for everyone? I figured we could all meet at the Olive Garden. Thanks, Uncle Craig

The interaction between Mom, Dad, and Baby is terrific. And the light on baby's face? Delicious!