Alphabet Treasure Hunt. A clever learning idea

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Growing Play: Kitchen Puzzle (I have used almost all of the activities I have listed on this board.) With this one, a toddler won't be able to place it perfectly, but they will be able to point or put it in close proximity.

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Outdoor games to play in SUMMER–keep those kids active!

Nature Bracelet with Masking Tape - just <3 this simple outdoor activity for children. Turn a strip of masking tape inside out and adhere to wrist. Double over for extra width. Encourage kids to go out + explore the garden, adding their treasure hunt discoveries onto their sticky bracelet. A great way to connect with nature & start conversations about their finds.

Kids will love practicing writing their letters with this quick and easy activity!

Fun kids snack idea

Letter Sounds Scavenger Hunt

Montessori Alphabet Objects Lot In Case by CuriousMindsBusyBags

DIY zipper board for kids. Great for fine motor and sensory development.

Floor Alphabet Game

How to build paper airplanes. Save this for trip :)

Sensory play with edible jello... search for letter, numbers, treasures!

Fun (8 activities for toddlers that won't cost you anything).

Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep: Collection of Calming Activities for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Toddler Approved!: ABCs of Toddler Activities Fun activities for every letter of the alphabet

Magnetic kid car games..clever!

Color Sorting Tray

Alphabet activities: Alphabet Fuse Bead Busy Bags - Learn your letters

things to do with an ikea table - paint with chalkboard paint, cut hole, insert chalk bin, have fun