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    Carabosse, a.k.a Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty) -- The ultimate wicked fairy/witch who curses Sleeping Beauty to death by spinning wheel—later commuted to 100 year-long sleep—after a fateful christening snub. You’ll need: Cloak; pointy spindle; a fixation with christening etiquette Potential confusion: ”No, I’m not from Hocus Pocus”

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"Oh we caught you at a good time, you feeling any better today?" She smiled at Jason in way that was creepy, and mysterious. It made me feel uneasy. "My mood is agreeable. Now get to the point of why you're really here before you upset me." "We need your help." "Ha! Don't you always...."

McMurdo, Don, 1930-2001. Ulrike Lytton as Carabosse in the Australian Ballet performance of The Sleeping Beauty, December 1984.

Gelsey Kirkland, Carabosse, Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Illustration by Nadezhda Illarionova for Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty promotional image for Scottish Ballet production (artist unknown)

Birmingham Royal Ballet - The Sleeping Beauty; Marion Tait as Carabosse with an artist of Birmingham Royal Ballet as one of her attendants; photo: Ty Singleton

McMurdo, Don, 1930-2001. [Australian Ballet performance of The sleeping beauty, with Leanne Rutherford and Mark Annear in the Bluebird pas de deux, December 1984] [transparency]

Divine tutu! Vienna New Year's concert 2013.