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Baron Von Rothbart (from Swan Lake) -- Swan Lake‘s villainous sorcerer who curses heroine Odette, transforming her into a swan. You’ll need: Feathers; an equally-evil daughter; dry-ice machine Potential confusion: ”No, I’m not a bird”

Bird skull mask in a black graphite finish on Etsy, $95.00 Something skull like might be interesting for the ghost pigeon

Von Rothbart - Christopher Saunders, Odile - Marianela Nunez and The Queen Mother - Elizabeth McGorian

Odile, a.k.a. the Black Swan (from Swan Lake) -- Daughter of Rothbart (see above) who magically impersonates Odette to trick her sweetheart Siegfried into breaking his vow of love. You’ll need: Black headpiece; black tutu; a bad attitude Potential confusion: ”No, I’m not Natalie Portman”