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I crave you in the most innocent form. I crave to say good night and give you forehead kisses to say that I adore you when you feel at your worst. I crave you in ways where I just want to be next to you and nothing more or less. I'm very sorry I LOVE YOU ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL!

And I do that stupid thing where my mind shuts off and my heart races and my stomach is filling with butterflies.

God knows I wasn't looking at all. My plans were to go to college and fall in love while I was studying abroad (which didn't happen either) it's funny how everything happens the way it's supposed to. If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans <3

:) It took us a long time to get here. You were a teenager and I was immature. We both grew up and one moment changed everything. You've grown up into an incredible woman. I love you

I get this feeling even though I have no business loving him... He and I have too many problems in our lives to be together.... Plus I don't think he feels the same way

"I want more numbers than I'm likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Water than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity." (20.260). This quote shows the love Hazel has for Gus. She cherishes the time she spent with him and hopes to be reunited with him when it's her time to go.

One of the most beautiful things in my opinion is falling asleep with someone you love, holding them and feeling perfectly safe. ♥

This is so true. My husband buys me rose bushes so he can make bouquets himself...just because. He makes a presentation of fixing dinner for me. When I wake in the middle of the night, he gets a back rub in his sleep. The romance has never diminished over time.

It takes effort, but you're worth it.<3 sweety This is so true I want you in my life for ever xxx if you want to stay that is.

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My Favorite Love Quotes

This describes my husband! I am very blessed and honored to be married to a man who is this perfect.....he tells me that I'm perfect! Oh how I love my husband! : )

I Love My LSIfrom I Love My LSI

Love her so much that she might doubt your sanity

Love her so much that she might doubt your sanity, but never your passion. ~ Dean Jackson <3 Hope you'll join us on Facebook, too!

You are the best thing in my life Katie. I don't want anyone, but you. I will never get tired of saying or showing you how much I love you.