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Good to remember. Lbs and Calories. Great way to determine how much you should burn each week.

Give your family what they want: Pizza! Start everyone off with their own Small DIGIORNO Cheese pizza. Then, set up bowls with everyone’s favorite pizza toppings like pepperoni, cooked sausage, cooked bacon, ham, pineapple, green peppers, sliced mushrooms, chopped basil, fresh oregano and, of course, shredded mozzarella. Everyone gets to top their pizza their way—and everyone ends up happy. Bake, serve and enjoy!

Pardon the language...but this is so true! You gotta work hard to like like the ones you wish you looked like!! -Jo

30-60 minutes of being uncomfortable is better than being uncomfortable your entire life #fitness #weight-loss #motivation #Fitnessmotivation #FitnessInspiration

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101 Ways to Lose a Pound

101 Ways to Lose a Pound - Daily Makeover