Soon after taking the reins of the big box retailer in 2010, Kevin (pictured below) realized that “if [Office Depot] was going to win, it was going to need to differentiate on customer experience.”  He wanted to see for himself, through mystery-shopping his own stores, what the experience was like before making any changes. This journey took him on a four-month road trip with the goal of answering one simple question from customers: What brings you into Office Depot today?

Customer Loyalty: what it is and why it's important

Customer Service Infographic Posted on March 26, 2012 by NBRI ... In order to create loyalty among your customers, your company must provide customer service that is superior to the competition. Companies that are successful and profitable always have loyal customers, and they’ve done so by delivering excellent customer service time and time again. We created our Customer Service Infographic to help every company see the value in creating a customer service centric organization.

JCPenney didn’t do their research first, which is a problem for any business program. Had it gotten a sense of what customers think, the retailer would’ve discovered that sales and coupons aren’t a blight.

Cell phones have gone from "dumb" devices to "smart" devices. The "dumb" devices are a thing of the past. We have the iPhone to thank as the original smart phone.


Google is finally going to split its stock. Good news for shareholders. I'm one of them.

Google is bringing its Analytics to mobile apps — both Android and iOS-based — to help give developers greater visibility into their apps’ performance.

Pinterest wins 2011 Crunchies award for hottest startup. Well deserved.

Facebook commands 13% of time spent on the internet in the U.S., according to ComScore -- more than Google (including YouTube) at 11% or Yahoo at 7.9%. Yet its 2011 ad revenue was just $3.1 billion, in line with what Yahoo made from advertising in 2011, and a fraction of Google's $36 billion.

Most of the “pinners” in the U.S. are women, and some guys may have avoided Pinterest because they assume that only females use it. Unfortunately for them, they don’t see how it could be applicable to their lives. To that end, it might surprise you to find out that in the U.K. men use Pinterest more than women. Whether male or female, Pinterest is a powerful social network. Not only is the following list a guide to the site, but also it offers some ways that this Average Joe has used it.

The one year anniversary of the Japanese tsunami brings back the memory of amazing images.

Is This the Real State of ‘Customer-Centric’ Business? | Business 2 Community

Big Brands Take Motley Routes to Mobile Loyalty .... In what represents a microcosm of the sprawling mobile loyalty landscape, American Eagle Outfitters, Denny's, and Sovereign Bank have unveiled starkly different programs in the space during the last three days.