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HG's Fully Loaded Chicago dog - 4 pts!!!

Hungry Girl's Fully Loaded Chi-Dog-I might have to try my hot dog this way next time.

HG's Gooey-Good Baked Mac 'n Cheese

Baked Mac 'n Cheese a la HG! (Comfort Food Recipe)

HG's Hot Kansas City Dog

Hot Dog Days of Summer! (Kansas City Swap)

Empanadas de peru (Brazilian Calzone)

Empanadas de peru

There are lots of different variations on these savoury Mexican pastries, which are similar to Cornish pasties. The filling here is a blend of lean turkey and vegetables, subtly flavoured with spices, nuts and dried fruit.

Hungry Girl recipe swap for guilt-free Thai-style chicken pizza. Pin and make today!

Thai It, You'll Like It! (Pizza Swap)

We LOVE peanutty Thai-style chicken as much as the next person, but combining it with pizza (while DELICIOUS) can result in sky-high nutritionals. Enter this rockin' guilt-free recipe.

HG's Philly-licious Cheesesteak Burger

Cheesesteak Your Claim! (Philly Burger Swap!)

HGs Philly-licious Cheesesteak Burger - Id use milk cheese. My jurys out on whether Id use the soy burger patty or real beef, but Im leaning toward beef.

HG's Classic Cheese 'n Bacon Burger

Bacon Burger with Cheese, Please!

Serving Size: 1 burger (entire recipe) Calories: 316 Fat: Sodium: Carbs: Fiber: Sugars: Protein: (less w/o bun)

Guilt-Free Bacon Mac 'n Cheese, Low-Fat Chicken Salad with Bacon | Hungry Girl

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! (New Recipes)

HG Fully Loaded Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs of recipe, 1 fully loaded dog): 186 calories,