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And here's the cover of The Reaches, the 1st book of The Storyteller's Quest. It was published in 2011. This is the cover of the 2nd edition.

Here's the cover of The Keeper's Daughter, the 2nd book of The Storyteller's Quest. It was published in 2011.

Not sure this is a real book cover, but it is really neat.

The cover of my new novel In Search of Lost Girls, a sequel to Boy & Girl. This link gives access to the first chapter. Do read it.

I have plunged into the magic of The Starless Square, the third book of The Storyteller's Quest. I finished writing it in May 2010 and it's been waiting for editing since then. When I say magic, it is one of the most magical stories I have ever written. Enthralling!

Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Cover redesigned by Braulio Amado.

To Kill of Mocking Bird. What a beautiful cover!

This theory takes a familiar image or symbol and makes it strange or unsettling. One cover of Lolita uses the image of a girl’s bedroom wall to represent a girl’s legs and underwear.

Another of the great covers I saw “live” at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year. The illustrated text is intended to represent our handwriting at different stages of life, which is just awesome.