Josh and Jenn.

Jenn is soo funny. :)

27 Times Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Proved They Have The Best Offscreen Relationship Ever

no freaking kidding. SO MUCH LOVE.

YES. I have loved Josh Hutcherson since Little Manhattan♥

Hunger Games analysis <3

Jlaw and JHutch

"People want to believe there's a rivalry between Gale and Peeta, but I don't think there really is. They both have a place in Katniss' life and while it's a little confusing, they don't have any animosity towards one another." - Josh Hutcherson.

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Hunger Games Humor / Jennifer Lawrence / Josh / Peeta / Katniss

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Josh Hutcherson Jennifer Lawrence } Catching Fire } The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games plot twist. Awww I like this! I always sorta shipped Effie and Haymitch in a weird way.

I can't wait until I see Kat&Peeta (Jenn and Josh) hug :)

Josh Hutcherson truly is Peeta..They are basically the same person..I think Josh is a lot more athletic but beyond that...

Josh with Jennifer's nephew on set


I hate you Josh/Peeta, go away forever. Wait no, come back. That was tracker jacker poison talking.

Josh Hutcherson through the movies <3

The Hunger Games Pendant Watch Necklace

gale. i love you and your sweet words.