Josh and Jenn.

Jenn is soo funny. :)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Phone case. I really want this but I don't have an iphone 5

Hunger games

Hunger Games analysis <3

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have said this in interviews about each other.

The Hunger Games - "TEAM" Acronym

"People want to believe there's a rivalry between Gale and Peeta, but I don't think there really is. They both have a place in Katniss' life and while it's a little confusing, they don't have any animosity towards one another." - Josh Hutcherson.

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I'm so not ready for the hijacked Peeta scenes. Especially since it's Josh Hutcherson.

hahahahaha EXACTLY. @Hope Sorge

Hunger Games/Tangled

Just one of the many reasons Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson should get together.

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence :-)

One of the many reasons I love Josh.

YES. I have loved Josh Hutcherson since Little Manhattan♥

Haha poor Josh...

My thoughts exactly. This is why Katniss' character is so real to me.

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The Hunger Games,Peeta Malark,Katniss Everdeen... im excited for catching fire, but will be giddy when i see mockingjay

Although they were both phenomenal in the film, I felt like Josh completely stole this scene. So much passion behind his voice...and he was only counting!