18 sacs au graphisme étonnant ! - Inspiration graphique #8

Les sacs sont des objets très pratiques dans la vie quotidienne et permettent d'offrir un support de communication pour les marques. Afin de poursuivre notre rendez-vous sur les inspirations graphique qui sortent du web, nous vous proposons la

This packaging is effective due to the fact that the outside of the box or container is exactly the same as if it were the fruit it resembles. Though it looks like even the textures are correct hard to believe this is actually a package design?

Estos son los 32 empaques más ingeniosos que existen y no podrás creer lo que ves

This is a great idea for an ease of use for kids, especially the small ones. Milk is easy to spill so if we gave them something that was easier to pour, they would want to learn more.

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