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Butterfly macro

The butterfly is usually alive for 2 or 3 weeks. Without make it as a collection, its beauty is only last 3 weeks. Then, the butterfly would gradually die. Miranda is one of butterflies in Clegg;s house. Her beauty is also last only 3 or 4 weeks.


Viceroy Viceroy Butterfly (Limenitis archippus), Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland, Florida. This is the butterfly my Papillion is named for.


Three Red Butterflys Photograph by Garry Gay - Three Red Butterflys Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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A Common Blue Morpho Butterfly at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park Butterfly Jungle

Borboleta de asa transparente

the real translucent butterfly is called a Glasswing Butterfly with color only on tips of the wing not bubble translucent wings like this one.check Internet for more info.


Let your garden be a pick'n'mix banquet for butterflies