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full house!! this is so true lol it's like we as women are genetically engineered to do this this face when applying mascara lol

No idea what this is from, but i thought it was funny - I re pinned this more for the comment of the girl before me. It made me sad she didn't know Full House. Then it made me feel old that I know and love a show that today's generation has no clue about.

This reminds me of high school, taking out the filter around the mascara wand in order to get more clumpier mascara! NEVER ENOUGH!!

I seriously want all seasons of Full House on's my absolute favorite show!

From Stephanie, you learned that crazy teen things like makeout parties make you just as uncomfortable as they do for Danny Tanner.

House reminds me so much of the doc I worked for before. I just can't wait to hear what comes out of his mouth next. lol

I remember watching this exact episode!! I want to be Michelle Tanner when I grow up.

Please tell me everyone remembers Full House. Love that show!! (Watching the reruns is like re-living childhood)

not really worlds of wisdom but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!!