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Balance, Harmony & 2 smoky dragons checkin' it all out from above > Kennin-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan - yellowmenace8.blo...

建仁寺 - The Oldest Zen Temple Kenninji, Kyoto BEEN THERE -BEAUTIFUL

Kennin-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan Will definitely have to visit this! When mum took me to japan years back, I bought some good luck charms from a temple which actually really worked.

Ceiling painting at Kennin-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan

Covered, open-air walkways ... ( Courtyard in Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan )

The colors on this kimono are amazing! #japan #kyoto

I think this kimono is beautiful. I've worn a yukata, I'd like to have an occasion where I would wear a real kimono, just once.

Temple Detail. Wouldn't it be cool to design some metal caps for some of the ends on a log house.