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Figurines Collection of the Canaanite Mother Goddess 'Asherah' (Israel Museum, Jerusalem)

Halimede is the Greek Nereid who's name means "Lady Of The Brine." The Nereids were fifty Haliad Nymphs or Goddesses of the Sea. Nereids were daughters of Nereus, a Sea God, and their name means Wet Ones (nêros).

Sjöfn (Old Norse ‘Sgafni’ or ‘Sefi’) is a goddess associated with love. In other kennings, her name is associated with the word ‘woman’ who represents the feminine side of romance and attraction. women and men." Artwork: Annie Stegg — with Ryan Beamis.

Danu or Anu. She is often seen as the mother of all gods, more specifically as the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She is also associated