rescue a dog when you can / German Shepard

Quote of pinner: "SHELTER DOGS. PLEASE adopt a rescue dog, there are so many that need your love. This sweet baby has given up hope, maybe someone saved this precious little one. Pictures like this just make me cry. WE are responsible for this by not spaying or neutering our pets!" Say NO to animal cruelty!

Canine companions these guys need to be rescued

I don't care where we go. I'm happy as long as I'm with you.... pet love is true love Savannah! Xoxo Check out my website all about German Shepherd's

Dog photography.

Adopt a shelter animal. Rescued dogs make the best pets!!!

Beautiful border collie

The 60 Happiest Dogs On The Internet #dogfordog

I am rescued Pitbull art sign by CartoonYourMemories on Etsy, $15.00

Update: He is rescued but needing help with Medical care. Plz share far and wide to help! Dog with thousands of ticks at high kill shelter: Volunteers hoping for rescue

dog rescue

Adopt,Adopt,Adopt!!! Love it!!

Forget dog shame, this pup has something better to say! #pitbull #kisses

Experienced home needed for stunning young, misunderstood German Shepherd. Dog is terrified in the shelter and has growled at the staff. He is now rescue only; this could cost him his life.

Alaskan Malamute

Can you play this with me?

This inspirational wall art is the perfect gift for any dog lover! Chloe has definitely taught me to take plenty of rests

"She'll never believe you Mr.Cat!" #dogs #pets #GermanShepherds #puppies