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Ikea dominates the market for flat-pack furniture, but you don't have to be stuck with big-box mediocrity in your living room. Make one YOURSELF! DIY tutorial included.

Pack Series by TakeHomeDesign is a flat-packed bar stool design available in two heights

Anda: An Inflatable Chair by Tehila Guy

An inflatable chair with a wooden base that rethinks the entire idea of flat-packed furniture with new materials, making it look cool and comfortable.

eDesk - really nice design for flat pack educational desk. Also has beautiful single panel designs.

Flat Pack Furniture System

Inspired by Japanese Origami, designer Keiji Ashizawa came up with a flat-pack system of furniture that is each completely made out of one thin sheet of steel.

kerFchair by Boris Goldberg

The kerFchair is a flat pack furniture designed by Boris Goldberg made from CNC-machined birch wood. Instead of bending laminated wood, he applied a different technique to achieve the same effect.


Plank Sofa is a minimalist design created by Norwegian-based designers KnudsenBergHindenes. The sofa is easily assembled, and can be flat-packed for efficient delivery and transportation. The framework is constructed from massive floorboards taken from Dinesen Douglas spruce trees. (1)