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Good morning baby!!! I really really miss you!!! I wish it was me with you today!! I hope you slept good!! I love you!!

I know this one is cheesy but I like to think it symbolizes how it feels to be in love.. Getting swept away ..or something like that ha.

too cute! Shelbie Muse Muse Muse Goff Would love a couple of pictures of just me and my husband

I've said it before and I'll say it again, women are always coming underprepared, but it can make for a romantic opportunity.

Cute hubby & wife pic. Or just a couple pic

Love this for couple picture - I also think it would be cute if you could have kids in the background of the heart ;))

I want a gentleman, who believes in romance, love, and some one who cares. I want cliques, roses & kisses, fun & cuddling, having him tell my I'm beautiful (even when i look awful), watching disney movies, eating popcorn, & have him run his hands through my hair until i fall asleep..apparently I just want too much :/

Never knew I could feel like this Like I've never seen the sky before Want to vanish inside your kiss Everyday I love you more and more Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings Telling me to give you everything Seasons may change winter to spring But I love you until the end of time ♥

“Innocent droplets of rain Make almost all events Quite natural. (from "A Rainy Day")” ― Visar Zhiti, The Condemned Apple: Selected Poetry

senior picture poses | Senior Poses by Elsa.Gaytan5