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  • Victoria Herman

    Real Simple has another new use for an old thing: Rubber gloves as pet hair removers.

  • Gretchen Tetzlaff

    I would assume that this works for cat hair too. Dampen a rubber glove and run it over your furniture to get long dog hair removed. | 25 Brilliant Lifehacks That Every Dog Owner Should Know

  • Alexanne Laplante

    To remove pet hair from upholstery, dampen a rubber glove and run your gloved hand over it. | 38 Brilliant Hacks For Dog Owners

  • Brenda Gallo

    Rubber Glove as Pet Hair Remover Put on a damp rubber dishwashing glove and run your hand over hair-covered upholstery—the hair will cling to the glove, not the sofa. Rinse off the glove in the sink (with the drain catcher in place, of course). TONS of other household tips.

  • Tracy Mendez

    Rubber glove used to remove pet hair and lots of cleaning ideas

  • Mary Sullivan

    Rubber glove used to remove pet hair. Many more cleaning tips!

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A quick way to clean pet hair: Dampen a rubber glove and run your hand over hair-covered upholstery. The hair will cling to the glove, not the sofa.

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