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Brandenburg Euthanasia Center

Warsaw Ghetto 1941

Child survivor Josef Schleifstein after the Buchenwald liberation. He was 4 years old at liberation.

Mrs. Hale, a British soldier's wife, plays the accordion outside her house for a group of US soldiers. England, 1944.

US Army medics treat and give comfort to an injured French girl, June 1944. The child was most likely caught in the crossfire of the Allies’ invasion. ”


vintage children in butterfly costumes

Women in a field picking flowers.. turn of the 20th Century

Girls with their dolls

American Barque "Jane Tudor", 1855 ©David Johnson

'Cash Crop' by Stephen Hayes Representing the 15 Million Africans who died en route to the Americas on the Middle Passage. 15 million. Never do you hear people mention that genocide. Some say 60 million souls were lost to the sea.

Rural Folk From Long Ago

victorian ladies in top hats, playing cards & smoking cigars, this is likely an image where the women are pretending to be men, whatever the reason.

Two English maids, 1864

Kensington, London (27 June 1906)

Kensington, London (2 May 1906)

Kensington, London (22 June 1906)

early 1870s. This is an interesting view of 2 domestic workers. They usually did not have their photo taken.

Boy shopping with his mother on Ninth Ave. New York, 1938. By Morris Engel

Doorstep scrubbing in East End London c1937. Did your family do this?

After The Celebration by Bill Brandt. London 1930

Bill Brandt - Woman at the Window

BILL BRANDT Piccadilly Circus before the Blackout, 1940 Vintage Silver Print, 9.75 x 7.75 in.

Bill Brandt London, 1937  From The Photography of Bill Brandt

Brandt, Bill -- Londoners spending the night in the basement of a book store in Bloomsbury, London during the Blitz of 1940.