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  • Aimee Duhon

    Russell Crowe... Oh goodness :3 I know it's not crochet but still. He looks darn good :P

  • Julie Raven

    russell crowe :: Celebrities knitting? Yes please :D

  • Cattail Cassidy

    See Jake! Real men knit. Russell Crowe knitting? Don't know if this is true but its a funny photo.

  • karen hauler-davies

    Russel Crowe Knitting! this is not just for a pic either! he really does knit! I read about it!! I knit too, so that made it extra awesome for me. show this to your man , or use it as the advert photo for an event where you want to encourage more men to knitting....real men can knit....don't know if this makes him an even more perfect man for me , or if I would get put off if he kept stealing my yarn

  • Oh My Hands!

    Famous Knitters, Russell Crowe! to its calming delights