Beautiful Henna Tattoo Designs Henna , a shrub like plant, the leaves of which are grounded into powder form and made into paste.

White Henna Hearts Set // Set corazones henna blanca

White Henna Temporary Tattoo. Hearts Set. 2 sheets

White tats are the newest trend in temporary tattoos. They are great for the summer and are suitable for ALL skin tones. Each set contains 2 sheets with severa

Beautiful idea for henna bracelet and fingers

27 Best Bracelet Mehndi Design Ideas to Get Inspired - Mehndi YoYo

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Henna arm tattoo -- makes the traditional "mango" shape using a flower & crescent. This could look good as a cross-rib/ side piece

hand hennas

Henna, not tattoo, but interesting idea for a tattoo! His website is Nomad Heart Henna