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Why do they get subsidies from American taxpayers?  Why do they get better care than our veterans?

Illegals, come here legally or get shipped back! And no freebies.we no longer allow Libtards to purchase votes!


25 Ridiculous Things Youll Only See at Wal Mart WTF Wal mart Humor fails idiots funny

Liberal, Terrorist, and Obama Cartoons

Obama snubs France, he's just to busy with more important matters. Cartoon by A.

Mary Bell, 11 year old killer. Mary Flora Bell is a British woman who was convicted in December 1968 of the manslaughter of two boys, Martin Brown and Brian Howe. Wikipedia

Interests- I a very interested in the psychology of interesting cases for example -The Unknown History of MISANDRY: Mary Bell, Serial Killer, England - 1968

This Generation Are Privileged Pampered Whining Ass Pantywaists American Boys

Boy or girl, my millennial son was deployed in USMC defending your right to be a butthurt snowflake back home. Get over it!