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The TARDIS is probably yelling at them inside right now, like "You bunch of idiots you just go prancing off looking for trouble don't you? Fine! Go! See if I care. Hmph. Time Lords... why'd I have to go and steal the malfunctioning one?"



Ninth Doctor and Rose and just take a moment to love the Daleks in the Backround!

The Doctor and Rose.

Scattered in Time and Space

Never skip Nine.

I'd have to go with Rose!

I love how Rose looks at the Doctor

10 Rose in the snow (Assuming it's snow and not the ashy remains of an alien spaceship.)


Rose Tyler

Yup! I miss rose :( and doctor 10

Simple Who Poster S1, E1: Rose #doctorwho

It's dangerous to go alone

and it never would have occurred to me that they weren't talking about Captain Jack & Rose Tyler, except for the door references...

My Doctor and His Rose!!

Doctor Who Challenge Day 21 | Favourite couple? Ten and Rose. And since David Tennant officially confirmed a few days ago, that Rose was the Doctors girlfriend, therefore they were a couple, I don't want to hear that they weren't together!!! This story is just so beautiful and sad. But it's fantastic!

Corner. Now.