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    Freeze Greek yogurt in a muffin tin and slice up your favorite fruits. Add about 3 yogurt pucks with a cup and a half of fruit to a ziplock bag and then you have breakfast smoothies pre-made for the morning. just blend with a splash of juice and enjoy! ~Mrs.SJC

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    • Liz Gangestad

      DIY Smoothie Packs... such a good idea and way cheaper then buying the prepackaged frozen smoothie kits!

    • JJ Kennedy

      DIY Smoothie Packs! I love the freezing the yogurt idea to throw in the fruit packs. How easy for a quick smoothie! I will be using greek yogurt. And don't forget something green!

    • Arielle Glasser

      DIY smoothie packs. What a great idea for a quick smoothie on the way out the door in the morning!

    • Brittany B

      DIY Smoothie Packs - make ahead smoothie packs to make smoothies quick and easy good idea

    • Gina Wilson

      DIY smoothie packs Follow the link for a great idea for do ahead smoothie packs

    • Michelle Whitney Whittall

      DIY Smoothie Packs. Great idea for a quick smoothie!

    • Amy Moore

      Pre made smoothie packs. Such a good idea!

    • Violet Johnson

      DIY Smoothie Packs The inspiration for this came via pinterest, my newest obsession. I somehow managed to hold off on joining for quite some time and then finally caved a few weeks ago. I'm HOOKED now! {follow me here!} I love smoothies, but with them going for $5+ a pop, it's not something I will allow myself to buy often. Insert this quick smoothie recipe and I can have a smoothie anytime I like in a matter of minutes! Here are my ingredients ready for prep. I bought pre-frozen strawberries and blueberries because it was a better deal than buying fresh and freezing myself. Also, the strawberries were already sliced so it saves me a little time! I chose weight watchers vanilla yogurt because, again, it was the best deal. [Also chose to use a magic bullet instead of a big blender b/c a) they are awesome and b)less to clean!] First I measured 1tbsp scoops of yogurt into a mini muffin tin. I didn't level it off, considering some of the yogurt was going to stick in the measuring cup. Once they were filled, I froze them. [the recipe I found on pinterest used ice trays, but I didn't have any of those on hand so I improvised.] Next I got to chopping my fresh fruit! And then arranged them on a silpat mat and popped it in my freezer![You could use a baking sheet if you don't have a silpat! I just chose something that would fit in my freezer & the fact that i could just roll all of the frozen fruit off when I was finished was a plus!] You want your fruit to be pre frozen before you combine them so that they don' freeze together in the packs. A few hours later when everything was frozen, I layed everything out to prepare to bag my individual "smoothie mixes". If you use muffin tins like I did, let them sit out for a few minutes so they loosen up a bit, then use a spoon and they will pop out like ice cubes. [DON'T dip the bottom of the pan in warm water to loosen them up. I tried that(before i even bothered using a spoon) and they got melty really quick and i had to refreeze them!] I used just short of a cup and half of fruit for each bag and 3 yogurt cubes. After they are all bagged up, pop them in the freezer! Next time you want a smoothie, you're ready to go! Just add a little juice or milk and voila! I may try to add a little oatmeal or wheat grass next time to pump it up even more since I'm treating the smoothies as breakfast. I was able to make 8 smoothies with the amount of fruit I had. 1 bag of strawberries, 1 bag of blueberries, 3 bananas and 2 kiwis. My total cost was $11 including yogurt, which brings my total for each smoothie to a whopping $1.37 & averaging around 200ish calories. Lacey-1 Smoothie King-0

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