Family tree placemat game #genealogy Kids and grown ups learn about the places in #family #history by matching each #ancestor with the places where they were born, lived, got married etc.

Family tree placemat game. #genealogy Kids learn their family history at the dinner table by matching each #ancestor with the place where he/she was born, lived, got married or died

Keep track of all your research in one place.

Family names word puzzle game place mat - Kids memorize their ancestors names when they look for them in a word puzzle, and connect the names with the faces. On the back of the place mat there will be a complete family tree for them to better visualize how these ancestors are related to them.

Kids family tree place mat #genealogy

New Article! Places to learn about your ancestor's occupation: via the National Genealogy Examiner, a great way to share photos of unknown people so their descendants can find them, and a great place to look for your own ancestors' photos.

Checklist..77 places to look for family history information

You could do this with ancestors' photos, too!

Ancestors w siblings chart

DIY Altered Ancestor Bottle ~ make your family history a part of your home decor.

This page lists strategies for making research progress on families who lived in a place where most of the records are lost.

Documenting Ancestors [Infographic] Connect to #genealogy resources where your ancestor lived. l Find your ancestors in 6 easy step #familyconnection #ancestors #genealogy

Ten Tips For More Success With Newspaper Research #ancestor #genealogy

Maternal Ancestor Chart...great family tree layout

LDS Activity Day Bring An Ancestor to Activity Days. Cute Idea on family history.

Maps showing where we were all born.

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: Genealogy Games for a Family Reunion - Part 2 (Ancestor Cards)

"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root."...When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us...lovely heritage quote for a scrapbook or a family history report.