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beautiful for K..printing

9 primitive hearts love ORIGINAL HEART ART mixed media impasto wood by Elizabeth Rosen

POP art hearts jim dine

tin foil, watered down glue, tissue and some sequins...

Jim Dine inspired art project I did with my 2nd grade class for Valentine's Day. Also a lesson in complimentary colors.

Collage painted paper color theory space overlap cool colors landscape emphasis foreground mid ground background

pie pan print! #printmaking, #kindergarten

smART Class: Hearts, Eyes, Mermaids, and MLK!! We have been having lots of fun with HEARTS! This week we have been making warm/cool color heart paper weavings! I gave them bright colored paper and they had to color one cool color heart and one warm color heart. Then they cut them and wove them together.

A day in the life of this art teacher: Birds and Birch Trees

Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

This paper plate heart sewing craft is simple to make and adaptable for kids of all ages. Fun Valentine's Day craft for kids and heart craft.

Occupation de tout l'espace pour ce portrait digne des grands artistes... Travailler les positions du nez d'abord puis de la bouche et des yeux (définir au crayon à papier) puis aux feutres indélébiles noirs et de couleurs...