110 film

Yes kids, we did have to actually purchase flashes for our cameras. Does anyone else remember these?

35mm Film

Picture Viewfinders - i remember these..

Polaroid cameras

Pay phones! Ancient history

This gum was great for about 10 minutes!

WOW remember this.

A Polaroid Camera with a Flash Bar!!! Remember back in the day when you not only had to buy lots of film for your camera, you also needed to buy flash bulbs or later flash cubes or later flash bars? Then eventually someone figured out how to make a permanent (rechargeable) flash bulb built into all cameras. Remember how you wouldn't know whether you captured a great picture or not until you had your film developed somewhere which used to take several days...

Ah, my first cell phone. The Nokia 5190... with my red color changing face plate!

Ooh, I remember

Projector Screen! Movie night with the family! :-D

70's Fotomat

VHS Camcorder

Remember this camera film? How times have changed.

Loved this! And so did the kids!

But not until you blow on the game cartridge at least twice & into the machine itself at least 3 times. But oh how worth it.


kodak disc camera

35 mm film - way before digital

Kodak Instamatic