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      succulent garden fountain

    • Elizabeth Squire

      succulent garden idea on 35 indoor and outdoor garden flower pot of creative ideas This plant rule for container gardens applies: Pick a thriller, a filler and a spiller. Thrillers are plants that provide whiz bang color or shapes. They are the tallest plant and the focal point of the pot. Consider black aeoniums, euphorbia "Sticks on Fire", agave and aloes. Fillers: Hens, sedums, echeverias galore Spillers: Donkey tails, senecios and sedum "Angelina."

    • Inger Frauenheim

      I need to do this with our old bird bath!- Succulent container gardens can transform bland outdoor spaces into inviting living areas. In turn, the plants benefit from warmth radiated by your home’s walls and hardscape and require little water or upkeep.

    • Yen Minns

      Vary the height of your garden by planting a succulent garden in a tiered water fountain

    • Mónica Santamaría Gutiérrez.

      A Succulent container garden planted in a fountain. It would also look great in a birdbath

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