to love and be loved.

this would be a cool script tattoo

La vie est faite de petits bonheurs "Life is made up of small happinesses/pleasures"

It is in Latin and means “while there is life there is hope”

"I shall either find a way or I will make one."

Loves this quote.

Ad aspera per aspera. Latin for “to the stars through difficulties”..

“agape” means unconditional love in Greek..

This one means “through hardships to the stars. ”69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

EHFAR.(everything happens for a reason) This belief has gotten me through some bad times.

Powerful quote of Ernest Hemingway tattooed by InverInks.

“With pain comes strength"

Lovely tiny tattoo idea.

"Never Look back" shoulder tattoo.

I'm a mess, I confess.

loves for it.

"Forgiven" in Hebrew -- i want this on one wrist and "Loved" on the other & i love the idea of having them in Hebrew, but i'd probably have it in English so people can actually read what it says (here in US anyways, where i live <3 )

Words can't say what love can do

M'aimer pour qui je suis (love me for who i am)

Upper Thigh Tattoo. "I loved you at your darkest Romans 5:8"

tattoo placement.