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Baby shower gift in a tub – 15 things new moms really NEED..This would be cute for a couple of people to go together and get for someone! @ DIY Home Crafts

I made this New Mom Survival Kit for a good friend of mine. It was such a cute idea I had to try it! It Includes: Hershey Kisses - For Mommy & Baby Mirror - To remind you that your important too. Marbles - To replace the ones you lose. Hair Elastics - To remind you to stay flexible. Lifesavers - To save you from one of those days. Tissues - To wipe your tears and baby's too. Lollipops - To lick your problems away. Eraser - To remind you that everyone makes mistakes. Starburst - For energy…

Baby Shower Gift. Use products that a new mom would use daily. Include items like gas relief drops and infant Tylenol.